Why You Should Offer Waxing Services

Why Offer Waxing ServicesWe ALL have hair, no matter your ethnicity or gender. It can be different colors from blonde to brown and white. Or different thicknesses like coarse to fine. Some are not bothered and some are, I’m not encouraging to prey on those not comfortable about that subject, No. I’m saying to give them a great option.

I always like to try and ask clients, would you like to avoid breaking out or excessively buying razors and bandaids every week? Educate these clients to give them a sense of relief when you mention if you pull hair from the root that they can see a decrease in growth and maybe even thickness. Mention with the proper technique they won’t have to worry about pain, well maybe a little. Also, educate them on hair cycles. If they talk about seeing hair after a previous wax, mention hair grows in different cycles. But routine sessions will prevent this.

With complete confidence, I can promise if your P’s and Q’s are in order you can convince someone smooth silky skin without the hassle is the way to go. You also don’t necessarily have to find clients that live in hot sunny areas to need a great wax, even if they go to and from work and nothing in between, there’s nothing more satisfying then having one less thing to worry about. With the time you save you could deep condition your hair, apply a mask to face or private areas, watch a good show, not have to worry if the kids or dogs get ahold of the razor, get ready quicker, find time to connect and network with people or people you meet at the salon.

There is no shame if others that rather keep there hair long. But look out for the guys and gals that can’t seem to get the time or cash for laser, because laser hurts worse.

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Just like everyone else I closely watched my nail tech pick up the bead so satisfyingly & place onto my nail then dip back into the liquid. I wanted to do nails! My nail tech told me it takes time ( I don’t think I ever let that set in till years later).

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