Why do my Nails Lift?

Why do nails lift?Arguably any nail company will attempt to try and sell you whatever they sell to help you out, that won’t happen here. Some might argue all you need to do is apply Young Nails protein bond before tip application and after for a sure-fire nail, it supposed to the liquid form or super glue. But I haven’t had luck with this liquid and I’m not alone.

When I was 1st certified i used OPI an Mia secret, the original formulas. Through a lot of frustration, I eventually got the hang of everything and only cared bout what everyone else wonders, what happens if i get a lift? And no I don’t mean getting a Lyft ride I mean when a nail separates from the natural nail get cracked or through the processed of liquid and powder not hold up. These three things cannot be saved by any companies “no lift guarantee liquid” these are all apart of PREP.

So how do I prep? Perfect, let us start with clearing your mind, don’t think of brand names or what you’ve heard of people have told you. Think of the logistics, was there product on the nail to start? Does said client use there nails like tools? Is said client a nervous person or have anxiety, what is there hygiene? Were you nervous? Were you not 100% involved? Did you skip something or make a mistake? Are any of your products expired? Is your area clean? Were you clean?

After answering these questions you may still not have your answer, but I have one. 9/10 as said by all the original nail techs before there was even a nail textbook 99% alcohol/ keeping station and supplies clean. This means from start to finish your area has to look like a health inspector was standing over you the whole time. Before you even start

  • Ensure tools, supplies, and the area is kept tidy
  • Clean and prepare area and supplies
  • Check supplies is not old broken or expired
  • Check manufacturers instructions
  • Don’t try a product for the 1st time on a client
  • Ensure you are aware there are 3 types of cuticle cutting, with drill bits (aka Russian

manicure) Nippers and nothing at all

  • Know the difference between acid and non-acid primer
  • Have client fill out the form to mention any medication or health issues
  • You don’t have to dehydrate if you’ve cleared the dust and use 99% alcohol
  • 9/10 that primer you are using is no different than other companies its all placebo

KNOW YOUR NAIL CHEMISTRY! Yes, we work with chemicals but not all are toxic! The California warning is they CAN cancer, doesn’t mean they will. Everything in moderation nothing too extreme!

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