Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Text once you’ve arrived the front lobby is provided with seating till your beautician comes an welcomes you in.

We are not responsible for any shocks or electrical burns related to our electrical machine treatments.
Unfortunately due to skin liftings related to wax we strongly advise clients to inform technicians or everything that may cause the skin to lift and are not responsible if you don’t/forget to mention.
Forms are required to fill out for selected services, for insurance purposes you will not be allowed to sue for any reason that you forget to fill out of lie on these forms. All must be filled with 100% truthful information and any added info must be mentioned to the tech.
Our after hours fee is not opted for dispute or refund this is a requirement for technicians to safely work on you after hours.
Please be advised we are not responsible for parking fees, tickets or any damage to your vehicle that happens in the Wilton executive suites parking lot. Parking is free to clients getting serviced.
No personal information will be given out to any other individual, if you choose to keep what you want private we will not inform anyone, where or what you got service at BeautyManors.
At BeautyManors  we are not obligated to pay for any medical bills or hospital visits relating to any service that was performed, all of our technicians are licensed disinfectant certified and obligated to go through multiple certifications for our services for you to get the best service, if something is to happen you must immediately contact your medical professional in the state of Florida aesthetician and nail techs are not obligated and it is against the law to diagnose if something is to happen we cannot tell you what we feel think or see that is a medical professionals job. Our services are in luxury to healthy individuals if you have a condition/ disorder/ something that may be a contradiction to the service we are not obligated to continue the service on you and we are not obligated to do the service because of the contradiction, if you fail to inform us of anything that May be a contradiction to the service you’re not obligated to being liable for it.

By agreeing to this you are agreeing that you cannot sue and you cannot dispute any charges please inform Jess and your technician if there any issues, you are obligated to inform Jess or the technician before going to an outside source to review your experience here at polish by Jess, we want to do the most and the best at fixing the situation and helping you have a better experience.

Reaching to outside sources about your unhappiness will not fix or give us the opportunity to make this situation better, with the many services and other great perks that we provide if you were unhappy with one you can talk to Jess about receiving another to make you more satisfied with your visit with us.


Cancellations or reservation changes made at least one business day in advance allows us the opportunity to accommodate other guests and will be greatly appreciated. Cancellations made with less than 24 hours’ notice will be subject to a charge of losing your deposit service/ or paying a last min cancelation fee of 10% of service. No-show reservations are subject to a cancellation fee of 90% of the service appointment.


Please arrive on time to your scheduled reservation. If a deposit was not collected you are not permitted to being serviced. 

Late Arrivals

To ensure the promptness of all reservations we reserve the right to reschedule any reservation that is 15 minutes late or later to another convenient time. We will always do our best to accommodate our guests however, we can only do what we can with the time available.

•   If you arrive late, unfortunately, your appointment will not be extended. 

No children allowed!


BeautyManors stands firmly behind all of its salon services. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your service please contact us immediately so we can remedy the situation. Tweaks and adjustments will be honored with the 1-3 policy date of service. But to be approved by Jess only!


Due to the artistic nature of what we do, we cannot offer refunds on services performed. However, we will work tirelessly to ensure you are satisfied.

BeautyManors proudly stands behind all of its products. Should you find dissatisfaction with any of these products purchased at polishbyjess, please contact Jess, if the products were used you cannot refund micro hair lashes nor facial products that have been topically applied an wax that has already been used or tint that has been applied.

No returns and no exchanges. Unless Jess offered another service to you an approves.


We understand that accidents happen, people get sick and emergencies occur. We will do our best to accommodate these rare occasions with grace. Our salon software does record these occurrences. And is still considered a last min cancelation, you will still be subjected to paying a last min cancelation fee. Our goal is to protect and serve our guests and our team. Thank you for understanding but you will still be billed.


We appreciate / love working with Groupon unfortunately at the time they do not support our booking system and there is no way to ensure a secured appointment without a booking fee / Retainer / Deposit. This fee will ensure and secure your appointment,

Yes also required for packages, we appreciate your investment, to make sure you get the best treatment and results while paying the money you do, for our safety / protection a booking fee is a must to secure each day for the whole package.

A reminder on Groupon when you purchase a package a missed/ last min reschedule or canceled appointment is a forfeited appointment unless approved by Jess.

Special hours- Welcome to our beautiful new extended hours, add a very small fee you can get the option outside of regular business hours, A phenomenal extension that we offer with a added fee.

Customer safety policy- Here at BeautyManors we appreciate and love all of our clients, this is why we have provided the customers a customer safety policy. In this policy we abide by the same rules as our clients. If a technician is to cancel you are 100% refunded what you owed in your deposit and a a free waxing service, choice of eyebrows, arm, leg, chin, neck, legs or chest area. If a technician cancels on you we will 100% refund what you have paid us on deposit an ad on a free waxing service approved by Jess, if a technician is late by 15-30 mins your deposit/booking fee is refunded to you including a free brow wax service. For medical emergencies family emergencies etc. you are ensured your compensation, we believe in equal rights what you have to pay is what we will have to pay in return of a free waxed area of choice approved by Jess, technicians also have the option of offering other services to pay the client this is all under what the technician may offer the client cannot demand which service but the technician can use their best judgment to ensure the perfect service to offer for this inconvenience.