Welcome! Re-Cap of Our Consultation

Not sure if body contouring is right for you?! Lets go into a few things…

Adults who weight loss has stabilized

Healthy individuals without medical conditions that impair healing or increase risk of surgery

Non smokers/Moderate drinker

Need help tightening loose skin

Getting rid of unwanted fat deposits

Those within a 10-20lbs of your target weight (we can be a “work with procedure” as well, this means if during the consultation you passed as healthy and determined, I’ll perform treatments while your loosing weight that way you won’t have as much access skin. Dramatic weight loss can cause an over excess of skin and if were doing a “work with” you may or may not have as much to fix.

The few contradictions that may result in no results or worse results.

Below 18 years old

Pregante women/ women who had a baby less then 12 months ago

Blood pressure issues, diabetes & cancer clients

Pacemaker, cardiac or vascular disease

BMI cannot be lower then 18 or Higher then 25 unless overpassed by our work with agreement

Really depending per person and everybody’s lifestyle being so different. Someone could see results after 1 session / someone could  be on their third package and not see results. This is where this course comes into play, which you will always have access too even after treatment finishes, but we’re technically never really done. Going back to lifestyle changes and of course the uncertainly of life “maintenance” is suggested at least once a month after last session of 3,6 or 12.

I am legally not allowed to give any medical advice & not allowed to diagnose anything but I’m here for some great skincare knowledge and holistic help. If something with hormones, blood or organs are effecting results I have to suggest you see a PCP, physician assistant or medical director.

One thing that is considered a 100% contradict you from seeing any results from even six sessions on its highest setting (which isn’t really appropriate, that’s like cooking a steak in a microwave on high)  is if you have had botched surgery that doctors pre-worned to you about receiving a gain of weight or a large amount of cellulite. This means any type of surgery where your doctor has warned you or given you a diagnosis that says “this is what’s gonna happen your body”  you will have to either go back to the surgeon to fix it or heal the surgery related diagnosis that is causing the weight gain and cellulite.

As said before I love to do “work with procedures” but only if your aware of the damage you were warned about and get permission from the surgeon this will help.

Due to spa insurance regulations. In certain cases I also may not be able to work on you especially if the surgery was recently or the physician or doctor told you not to seek out body contouring outside of the office.Meaning if you had surgery 3-6 months ago I have to turn you away! This goes into the legalities of contracts, please read thoroughly the contract that you sign with the surgeons if they say you can only go to their massage therapist and nurses at the practice for any type of body contouring you must obey them, as it will get me in legal trouble with you if you come to see me after signing that contract and disobeying what they had you sign.

Speaking of Florida law, I like to reassure my clients behind my eight years in the spa, salon and medical spa experience that I hold under my belt, I will always stay within the legal guidelines that Florida State, DBPR and board of cosmetology gives me to follow.

If you have received a service out of state/ the country, you may or may not be seeing similar techniques or similar machines. You can open bananas your whole life an find out some people open from the bottom an some open from the top. The machine and treatments that I perform on clients is under the legal regulations that are allowed for me as a license professional in the state of Florida  to do/ machine I use.   Different states different regulations, laws and rules, please be aware of this I mainly mention this in our consultation and ask if you’d like to proceed or not.

My machine has a the power of 250W with wavelengths of 630-650 nanometers. Our Heat,Break & Drain system of RF,Calvitation & Vacuum Therpahy reach a 40K dioxide laser setting to ensure we are within cosmetology state guidelines but have the power to 99% give results! 

Please be aware every state including California New York Massachusetts Washington Georgia Ohio Denver and many other states have very different boards and regulations that are not called DBPR or board of cosmetology every state in every country including Canada or the UK are all different in their own special way for these rules and regulations including their own handmade laws tailored to that state or country. What treatment/machine you’ve had in another state does not mean that’s what we all use or even say it was the best, have you even tried ours?!