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This isn’t your average brow service, this is luxury!

Learn about Eyebrow ExtensionsAllure released the article “I got eyebrow extensions, here’s what happened” in 2019. So a little over a year go, but why haven’t we seen much about it since then?! I think with all the brow trends this should be next in line, everyone went from painting their brows with ​Anastasia Beverly Hills pomade to fluffy soap brows/ laminated.

Often a lot of artist try not to chase clout because of how quick it can die an the money$. I think we’ve all got a few things that we thought were trending nut died a little too quick. I also believe from some articles I’ve read the price itself and supplies were a little to high. In the allure article, she states “it starts at 200$” only for 25%?! That doesn’t seem right.

Yes, this is a luxury but it is not going to last you more than 2 weeks. Now if we’re talking iced out Swarovski crystal nails with charms dangling, ok now I can see the 200$ price range. The price for your work comes down to experience, knowledge, certification, and area of course. But if your from Miami you know that’s not happening. No sugar coating this is one of those services you want them to come back and be a repetitive client about because of how they adhere.

These can be applied to hairs or flat to the skin but keep in mind the brows main reason is to filer out sweat, so just imagine if there active or in a humid area, you are going to see quite a fallout of hairs everywhere. But no sweat just explain to them if it’s not for you we can always take other routes if they like tp touch there brows or wear heavy excessive amounts of makeup, keeping your self open to new services keeps people coming in. Rich people don’t have one source of income.

Just like EYELASH extensions, there are rules to follow to get the best out of what you invested in, but here on polishbyjess I give you the option to invest in yourself so you don’t have to regret not paying the light bill to keep up with trends. I give you how much I charge and how I keep clientele. You don’t want customers you want a repetitive client.

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Just like everyone else I closely watched my nail tech pick up the bead so satisfyingly & place onto my nail then dip back into the liquid. I wanted to do nails! My nail tech told me it takes time ( I don’t think I ever let that set in till years later).

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