Mastering Gel Application and Dry Manicure Techniques

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This comprehensive online course is designed for nail technicians who want to elevate their skills in gel application, understand the effective use of efile bits for dry manicures, and learn the secrets to achieving the best and longest retention for clients. The course offers 60 days of total access, including 30 days of intensive theory followed by 30 days of personalized mentoring.

**Course Structure:**

**Phase 1: Theory (30 Days)**

 **Format:** Online video lessons, downloadable resources, quizzes.

**Schedule:** Lessons are delivered with a 6-day break between each one to allow for practice and absorption of material.

**Course Outline:**

1. **Introduction to Gel Application (Day 1)**

   – Basics of gel types and their properties.

   – Tools and materials needed for gel application.

2. **Preparing the Natural Nail (Day 8)**

   – Nail anatomy and health.

   – Proper nail preparation techniques.

3. **Gel Application Techniques (Day 15)**

   – Step-by-step gel application process.

   – Common mistakes and how to avoid them.

4. **Efile Bits and Dry Manicure Basics (Day 22)**

   – Introduction to efile bits.

   – Choosing the right bit for different tasks.

   – Techniques for a dry manicure.

5. **Advanced Gel Application Techniques (Day 29)**

   – Building and sculpting with gel.

   – French tips and other popular designs.

6. **Retention Strategies (Day 36)**

   – Ensuring long-lasting gel nails.

   – Troubleshooting common retention issues.

**Break Periods:**

– **Day 2-7, 9-14, 16-21, 23-28, 30-35, 37-42:** Practice and review period with support via a discussion forum and Q&A sessions.

**Phase 2: Mentoring (30 Days)**

– **Format:** Weekly live Q&A sessions, one-on-one virtual mentoring sessions, feedback on submitted work.

– **Goals:**

  – Personalized feedback to refine techniques.

  – Address individual challenges and questions.

  – Practical tips for improving client satisfaction and retention.

**Additional Features:**

– **Resource Library:** Access to downloadable templates, checklists, and supplementary reading materials.

– **Community Access:** Private online forum for course participants to share experiences, ask questions, and network.

**Enrollment Details:**

– **Duration:** 60 days total access.

– **Certification:** Certificate of Completion awarded to participants who successfully complete the course and submit a final project.

This structured approach ensures that you not only learn the theory behind gel application and dry manicures but also receive the necessary support and feedback to master these techniques in practice.

You must be licensed or in school to take this course, please provide license # in the student online agreement. If in school please email