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gel manicure This gel nail course is your comprehensive guide to mastering the art of gel nail enhancements.

This system has become increasingly popular among technicians, Artists, and clients looking for more uniform enhancements due to company dress code policies.

This gel nail course aims to provide you with the knowledge, skills, and technique necessary to excel in creating stunning, durable, and customizable nails with gel.

Consisting of detailed instructions and expert tips covering a wide range of topics, including the benefits and composition of the gel, essential tools, and materials, nail preparation, application in sculpting techniques, filing, and rebalancing, removal methods, troubleshooting common issues, and more.

There is a 60-day total access, 30 days of theory, and 30 of mentoring with this gel nail course.

The 1st 30 days you will work on theory and then the next 30 days are mentoring-based, please have nail models ready or your own hands for practice. You will be required to upload work and graded it on quality of work in lessons for the 30 days only.

Each lesson is broken up to learn theory for the 1st 30 days with a 6-day small wait period in between each lesson.

So that’s 30 days to cover the 5 most hands-on lessons, with 6 days of wait time for enough practice an absorption.

Please be aware Mentoring is not available November and December. I also do still take clients to stay active in the industry, communication will be through email or video calling, and the courses lessons where you will be provided to upload your work an be graded.

Included in the course, information on maintaining nail health and ensuring client satisfaction available at all times.

You’ll see techniques with a few of your favorites, BIAB, and Luminary Nails. Colored gel application brands can include DND, The Gel Bottle, and Young Nails.

We have seen a lot more vocalization from clients after the pandemic, and speaking from their hearts about the way they still want to support us, but in a way that financially supports them.

The whole reason why your business runs is because of the client.

How will this benefit you by learning this online gel nail course?

After the course you can provide gel nail manicures that not only lasts longer but keeps the health of the natural nail, you don’t accommodate the person that doesn’t respect your accommodating, the person that will keep the lights on in your establishment.

This online course is not suggested for clients that are in more luxury type, that is if they like the 3-inch stiletto, or long nails, or clients that don’t seem to keep up with aftercare and come in with more damage than their last appointment, AKA the acrylic girls.

This is for the sweet and bubbly, simple aesthetic girls, or the Hailey Bieber trend followers. The ones that are looking for a natural aesthetic. Nothing too obvious. Something they can go a little lot while longer because of their type of employment or the busy stay-at-home mom juggling it all.

The busy bees that can’t come in every two weeks.

You must be licensed or in school to take this course, please provide license # in the student online agreement. If in school please email