How to Tweeze Brows

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Learning to tweeze brows, has many benefits:

Personal grooming always allows a meet and well groomed appearance after a good tweeze of the brow

Tweezing your brows can save you so much on cost money compared to regular visits

Controlling your brow shape at your say

Quick touchups in case your beautician is out on vacation or maternity leave

When we tweeze brows, it can come with many benefits, and be a useful skill that is important to approach with caution in moderation over tweezing or shaping your brows too drastically can lead to undesirable results, but not at all permanent damage. It is a good idea to start out with small adjustments and read inside of this course learn more.

You can open bananas your whole life an find out some people open from the bottom an some open from the top.

Same goes for pineapple you can cut or either use a smacking an rolling motion to loosen the fruit up and won’t need a  knife.

The point being even if you are  already doing this on your own there is no shame is looking into learning a different way.

In this course I not only gift you my secret professional technique 

Tweezing your brows is more precise than waxing.

Less time consuming/money saving.

& does not do permanent damage it done correctly.

In the course:

  • Theory of the brow
  • My go to for men’s eyebrows
  • Implements an supplies
  • Tweeze brow tips
  • Questions with answers
  • Picture for a better visual

For everyone in need this will be a new item to add to your menu or may be your new side hustle that can bring in more of an income, or give you the chance to service people that aren’t so crazy about waxing.Multiple incomes are better than one! You eliminate having to say I’m sorry there is no option because now you can keep options so your money won’t walk out that door.

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