How to Master Eyebrow Extensions

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Eyebrow Extensions, for mistakes or adding that dash of spice to your signature dish to spice it up, I give you the next new trend! This is the easiest most affordable new technique you learn. With after buyers’ assistance, it’s like buying your 1st car and your parents handle the insurance payment.

All licensed professionals can benefit from this because we’re using products we’re already familiar with. Whether a cosmetologist or esthetician, we’ve all heard of eyelash extensions, if not that’s ok because this won’t be as complicated.

In this course, you will not only learn a revolutionary new brow technique but also theory! Yes, this has a little bit of history that will feed your appetite.
8 Years of experience while having a close relationship with manufacturers, I went through hell and back after hundreds of dollars down the drain to piece together this custom handmade course so you don’t have to fail. 

From theory to digitally drawn diagrams, there is no cookie-cutter here, I am giving you the bang for your buck with this eyebrow course that can be combined by itself or with tinting services or offered as a prep for Microblading artist to offer their clients.

In this course, we will go over

  • Brow theory
  • The growth of brow hair follicles
  • Hair follicle structure
  • Prep
  • Eyebrow mapping
  • Eyebrow hair mapping
  • Supplies to buy
  • How to practice at home
  • Application
  • Maintenance
  • $$$
  •  I offer you an Exclusive Facebook group for after class purchase of course
  • A Certificate is provided at the end of the course.