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In this course  you will be given the opportunity to looking at  everything you need to drive to your goal before your 1st treatment or given to you to look at during your package.  

This information was provided through extensive education, through seminars, conventional shows, phenomenal manufacture communication what better information to learn than the ones who have peace together every screw and bolt inside of it. Every day is a new day I am not the owner of everything and this course will be constantly updated and if there are any ads that I can do to accommodate to everybody person age whether it be their shape or their area concern it will always be fully Jampacked with the best information.

In the course:

  • Consultation Recap
  • Aftercare
  • Body Knowledge
  • Tips
  • Technology
  • & So Much More!

Certain diet restrictions, surgeries, or illnesses may hinder or cause adjustments to achieve your results. I am more than welcome and not discriminating we are all human, if there is something that can be added or changed from a non-medical standpoint constant updates to the course will be integrated. I am not a licensed medical professional/dietitian or personal trainer, I’m a licensed and certified aesthetician body con tourist of 8 years that is educated and well-versed in health and wellness this is a holistic side approach to surgical, results will always vary.