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Are you aesthetician that didn’t get trained in waxing? Are you a struggling client currently trying to survive the quarantine?
You’re in luck!

Whether you are experienced or just starting out all levels can gain from this basics to waxing. This is everything basic you wish you would’ve been told in school.

if you’re a client in need of some quarantine help because your states still on lockdown you’re in luck as well, luckily for you they sell wax at local stores like bed bath & beyond an amazon so it is very difficult to get ahold of supplies while you’re waiting to return back to your regular salon pampering days. Or you can also talk about this with your esthetician and have them make you a small kit of there supplies to purchase while in quarantine. Plus this will help you with maintenance instead of reaching for a razor.

This course is a convenient way to study online, inside everything is broken down by 7 easy plentiful packed lessons. Each module is handy for both client or professional. You will learn everything BASIC you didn’t in beauty school, from history to tools and supplies. I also so into great detail of ingredients and the difference between hard + soft waxes.

And if you’re in need of help I give some helpful tips!

As a certified esthetician + milady educator I have experienced all three sides from clients to students and professionals. My mission is to fill in the gap or void of anyone that missed proper basics due to poor education or to help the lost and mid informed client. Because what is a hot and ready plate of knowledge if you can’t feed hungry minds.

This course is affordable and user friendly for both professionals and clients. Sometimes we as professionals don’t like to answer a lot of questions because of how busy our minds are, and that’s ok because instead, you educating each and every one of your clients you can send them this course to help them better understand things.

Even before COVID I feel educating your clients doesn’t all the time mean you will lose them due to them going home to DIY all the time because I don’t know about you but pretty difficult for me to do my own Brazilian. But in certain situations or events what screws things up more a client that went home an followed up her own wax or the client that reached for a razor.

This course isn’t a certification for head to toe waxing it’s everything the professional and clients should be aware of. If anything think of this course as a receptionist, we do the basic explaining so there’s less on your mind or if any of this isn’t what you were informed now you’re in luck! Or even if you decided to focus on different spectrums of your facial license and wanted to get a refresher this will quench your thirst for BASIC knowledge.

What will you learn

Inside is provided information for all waxing tips but my main focus for the basics course is mainly the face. Because of COVID some of this will be model an non-model based so definitely friendly for all!

The history of waxing

Have you ever wondered where did this start? Or were you not even informed of old tails of how pharaohs, Romans + Africans paved the path to how we so conveniently wax in this new day and age?

Why not to shave

Are you a professional that shaved there whole life and is not the best at explaining or a client that just doesn’t understand why one time won’t hurt because you’ve only been shaving your whole life

Which wax to choose

One of the most common questions is broke down to an easy explanation when deciding between hard and soft.

Hard or soft?

Have you only used soft and want to switch to hard? Or the other way around? Or are you a client that wants to know the difference or what is being used during service.

Cold Wax?

Tools & supplies

This is exclusive section has taken me years of research and definitely a lot of trial and error but I have found these to be the tools that I love and definitely some that I have available for clients to purchase because there is no gatekeeping here.

Melting and Consistency


This information is information 1. That I wish I knew in school an also just as informational for clients to be informed of especially if they’re doing an at-home quarantine wax.

Facials /waxing

This section is a definite for both professionals and clients because it helps inform the miss informed.

Vajacials/ Fanny-Facials