Nail Fill Service

Nail Fill Service

Offering a comprehensive and personalized approach to nail care, our nail fill service addresses the health and aesthetic aspects of the nails.

Providing the opportunity to relax and maintain the beauty of your healthy nail structure.
Giving you the option to go longer than two weeks due to the application process.

Gel provides durability, and better adhesion strength, to provide a longer-lasting manicure.


What happens when you get a Nail Fill Service?

When you get a nail fill service, it always starts with a consult to assess the state of the nails. The client’s plans for nail ideas can be discussed before but also at the beginning of the appointment. 

After everything is decided, cleansing and exfoliating the nail beds are performed. After that, the complex gel product is then filled in the overgrowth and then polished and top coated. 

Can you keep getting Nail Fill Services?

It is important to note that the longevity of any manicure depends on factors of pre-booking your nail fills and lifestyle habits.

Soak-offs are entirely for the client’s preference, or the nail tech is going away for a few weeks. 

Are nail fills worth it

For clients looking to grow their natural nails, this is a great process to start healthy growth or not pay the total price each time. 

With proper maintenance and avoidance using nails like jewels, and not tools can extend the lifespan of the manicure.

When to get a Nail Fill Service?

For regular manicures, every two weeks. 

For Russian manicures, they can last four weeks.

A structured gel manicure can last six weeks. 

What is considered a Fill Service 

Everyone can have a different time frame depending on your lifestyle or any underlying nail conditions. 

Health status or medication change is a big player in this as well. 

How to book a fill service – Book here and see our luxury service in the Fort Lauderdale, FL area