Eyebrow Wax Service

Eyebrow wax service Eyebrow Waxing vs. Threading

Eyebrow threading is known to be extremely painful, our wax formulas provide clients with a comfortable experience.

We use a hypoallergenic, sensitive skin wax that is gentle yet effective at pulling hair.

As a certified brand ambassador for Starpil Wax, I stand by the formula and it is the only wax company I carry in my spa.

How to treat eyebrow burns? 

We have never burned a client here at beauty manors, if a burn was to occur it was not following post or pre-appointment requirements or failure to give honest information on forms. This is why we don’t take walk-ins, certain injuries or damage may occur if the client is not fitted for the service.

Before appointments eyebrow wax service 

We highly suggest not using spray tan, Diffferin, A/Retinol, Glycolic acid/AHAs, Benzoyl peroxide, Salicylic acids, or Steamed skin within 6 hours of the appointment.

After the appointment eyebrow wax service 

Try to avoid exercise or hot showers (primarily steam). The same products to avoid before the appointment cannot be applied for three days after eyebrow wax, this includes chemical or mechanical exfoliants. Face washes aren’t suggested to be washed in post wax area, nor is a moisturizer that may have pure extract ingredients inside. This will cause the fresh, raw skin to become inflamed.

Does eyebrow wax cause droopy eyelids?

The eyelid skin is the thinnest layer of skin on the body. We like to keep eyebrow waxes to once a month, and this protects the area from damage.

Keeping everything in moderation, but nothing too extreme. Using hypoallergenic wax and correct wax application by holding the skin taut. This doubles and even triples the protective measures to avoid damage.

You are more prone to the skin sagging on your eye from digging your eyeshadow brush into your eyelid or not wearing sunscreen and protective eyewear from sun exposure than you are to waxing.

If you are concerned, we do have eyelift treatments, such as our Microcurrent and RF Nonsurgical Facial, to help if you’d like to book