Eyebrow Tinting Service

Our eyebrow tinting services in Wilton Manors FL, can last anywhere from 5-7 days on the skin and 6 weeks on the hairs! We also have suitable tint services for warm or ash-toned blondes, red-haired clients, and even colors for our girls with grey hair. 

Eyebrow tint services Is eyebrow tinting safe?

Not for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers or people with known dye allergies and skin conditions.

The safest way to know is with a patch test. Patch tests are performed during a consultation.

After discussions about goals in mind and any health issues that need to be made aware of, a small batch of dye will be placed on the inside of the arm.

Then left for 24-48 hours till the initial eyebrow tinting appointment can be made.

Is eyebrow tinting worth it?

Absolutely! Eyebrow tinting gives you the choice to change your brows with new looks you are trying out. There is no commitment what’s so ever.

Never stuck with just one shape or color. And when your desired brow shape eventually grows in, there is no awkward patchy look you have to deal with.

Ultimately the every two-week appointments will turn into every other month, it’s a low-maintenance goal we will eventually shoot for.

Does it look natural?

Depends on your definition of ‘natural’. Always best to book a consultation to see if your definition matches our idea.

Lighter dyes can be used to give an extremely light shadow look, but this may not stick as long as a shade darker to ensure your getting the full 7 days of skin tint effects.

Does it fill in gaps?

Yes and No, it depends on how big of a gap was talking about. We highly suggest our client look into our eyebrow extensions service if they are looking for a gap fill.

This is the only way to fully ensure you will have that patch covered. Tinting can only do so much but eyebrow extensions are the best way to go with that type of request.

Which eyebrow tinting is the best?

Ours, of course, a mix of hybrid and cream dye.

This makes it most suitable to stay on the hair for 6-8 weeks (with proper aftercare) and be able to keep a skin stain for 4-7 days. Of course, some lifestyles may give different results but generally.

The goal is to eventually not need a tint as often and eventually nurture and train the brows to an appointment where you won’t need as many of often appointments.