Eyebrow Lamination Service

Eyebrow lamination after Ever wanted to create a more desired look of having thicker and fuller brows? Eyebrow lamination is perfect for that and is the longest-lasting non-invasive eyebrow service.

Who is eyebrow lamination for?

Eyebrow lamination can be suitable for most.

A great way to test each client before actually perming the brows is by using a temporary method with brow soap or gel to place the brow hairs into the look there going to be.

Booking a consultation is great for this test

In the consult I will place the soap or gel onto the brows then you can wear the lookout for 24 hours

If you like the look you can come back in and I’ll perm the brows.

Is it safe?

Not for pregnant, breastfeeding, or retinol users.

This is a chemical substance that will be placed onto the skin.

It is impossible to only place on hairs and not touch the skin so if you do have skin conditions or sensitivities, it is not suggested.

Eyebrow lamination before

Does lamination cause hair loss?

If aftercare is not followed, yes. As alarming as it may sound, it is more of our low-maintenance browse services.

All you have to do is keep the brows hydrated for 6 to 8 weeks, stay out of the sun

And be careful with what products you apply to that area or on the browse.

I usually send home a little care kit with instructions.

If there are any issues or severe dryness to the hair, she can always come in for a conditioning treatment.

This is one to ensure the laminated lock lasts a total of eight weeks.

Can eyebrow extensions be paired with eyebrow lamination?

Depending, on the perming solution itself already elongates the brows to an extensive length and provides a lot more workable movement to the hair to fill in sparse parts of the brows.

It’s more suggested just to keep up with your conditioning treatments. The extensions are more of a service for themselves.

What is eyebrow lamination? Before and after:

Below, you see a prime example of taking the browse from one look to a fluffy, laminated look.

The process is very quick and easy. The solution was only applied to her brows for a total of five minutes.