Eyebrow Extension Services

Eyebrow extension service If you are looking for eyebrow extension services in Wilton Manors, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, then look no further than BeautyManors!

What are Eyebrow Extensions?

Eyebrow extensions are individual synthetic hairs that are glued on one by one to the skin or hair.

It’s a revolutionary service that everyone can benefit from.

Gives you a real 3D brow effect that flat tattooed microblading can never do.

This service is also temporary, so it means you don’t have to feel stuck with one look till your eyebrows cathe grow in.

Do Eyebrows Stop Growing?

Usually, with age, yes, this is usually a main factor in slow hair growth or health issues.

Trauma to the hair follicle is also a big factor as well, as incorrect waxing technique, skin digging plucking, or wrong use of chemical nair.

How do Brow Extensions Work?

Beauty Manors offers two different eyebrow extensions technique: Short hairs or Long hairs.

Depending on the clients desired resulted, either one or both techniques are used. We do charge by the coverage and not the technique.

How to Grow Back Eyebrows Fast?

The hair cycle for eyebrow hairs is usually a 4-month cycle. This can differ on many things. If you are taking medication or getting excessive sun exposure, this all plays into slowing down the hairs from growing.

Are Eyebrow Extensions Permanent?

No, and that’s the best part! Permanent has a wide range of downsides.

Anything permanent can send the body into fight or flight. The body’s fight or flight can cause it to react towards the foreign object into a skin infection, irritation, allergic reaction, or strep infection.

The immune system would be working too hard to fight it constantly, which also causes high cortisol levels.

How to Maintain Eyebrow Extensions?

The extensions last for an average of 7-14 days and have very minimal maintenance, no touching being the main one.

No water soaking or scrubbing with soap or heat. Sweating is an iffy one because everyone’s skin perspiration can be different from the next.

Why Trust Our Eyebrow Extension Services?

Because we do not use eyelash glue!

With years of experience offering eyebrow extension services, you can rest assured that we take pride in our work and strive to give you the most beautiful eyebrows imaginable.