Hydrofacial Treatment

HydrofacialHydrofacial treatments are a new innovative treatment that’s non-invasive and non-surgical.

This convenient and time-saving facial is designed to provide glowing results in less time without needing aftercare.

What are the side effects of Hydrofacial Treatment?

Hydrofacial treatment delivers immediate & painless results, leaving that glass glowing skin look.

With the minimal downtime, possibly a slight pink or temporary redness. This facial ensures clients can return to their daily activities 24-48 hours after the facial. Only wearing no makeup after treatment is a common suggestion.

There’s no peeling or downtime, and it works great for fine lines and wrinkles, firming skin, evening tone, helping skin texture, oily and congested skin, enlarged pores, and hydrated dry and flaking skin.

How Does Hydrofacial Treatment Work?

It works in 3 steps. It only takes 30 Minutes and is the most requested lunchtime facial. Your boss will never know.

The vortex technology cleanses, extracts, and hydrates all in one. Serums are cocktail ingredients to provide an individual customer experience for each treatment needs.

The vortex fusion technology gently extracts all the impurities from deep within the skin’s pores while suctioning away excess oil and infusing the skin with a serum formulation the skin desires.

There are two separate tubes, one for infusion and one for waste. So you won’t have to worry about skin soup. All impurities are drawn to the waste jar, and the infusion jar stays separate from the waste.

What is the aftercare for Hydrofacial?

HydroFacial is suggested every week or once every two weeks, depending on the skin issue and condition.

Maintenance Hydrofacials can also be performed once a month or every 3 to 4 weeks if you are just using it for that exfoliating glow and not trying to treat any conditions. We highly suggest this option to clients who have already previously finished a 3 to 6-part package.

This facial can be combined with other great services like radio frequency, eyelash and eyebrow tinting, or lamination.

Ask today about hydrofacial hand treatments to help reduce UV damage.